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The Space Travelers Web Site!

This is not just science fiction.

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Nothing is possible without taking some risks. This site is dedicated to all the people who make exploration as safe as it can be and to the people who place their lives on the line to peruse a dream. Give credit where credit is due; People Sites Organizations and Literature. Curiosity and an interest in space travel have powered this site.

People First, I would like to thank these specific people:

Matthew Lee and Club West (1999): For every trip to the moon, there are many people who have spent sleepless nights making it safe for the chosen few who make the trip look easy. Knowledge is the difference between Science Fiction and Science Facts. Thank you Matthew for asking questions. There are times I feel alone in my interest for the challenges of space.

Lance Doran: The longest journey is started with the first step. I was lead into this venture by some of his web site ideas.

Janet & Bob Selogy:: Jan & Bob showed me some finer details of animated web sites. Jan's CourtYard is listed in the sites below.

Rich Doran & Family:: Thanks to my family for the patients they have extended to me. I always like to know whom I am talking to, want to know more about me? Rich Doran Please don't forget to sign the guest book. You can be listed as a guest or contributor, Contact me at

Specific Sites: These are all non-profit sites. I have received NO financial compensation and have NO other obligations unless noted in the listing. Jan & Bob have a great site and I want to thank them for showing me the finer details of animated graphics. Jan has motivated me to improve the site and contribute to the "lighter side" of the Internet. I recommend you stop by just for fun to explore, you will enjoy this site. Here is a great free site to generate buttons & logos. I want to thank them for the buttons used on these pages.



Organizations If you do not subscribe to these magazines you are missing a lot of great stuff.

The Mars Society &

Mars Society Infoletter

The Mars Society

P.O. Box 273

Indian Hills, Colorado

80454, USA



Ad-Astra Magazine; Published Bimonthly,

National Space Society, - Call (202) 543-1900

600 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, Suite 201

Washington, DC20003




Planetary Magazine & Mars Underground News;

The Planetary Society, - Call (626) 793-5100

65 North Catalina Ave.,

Pasadena CA 91106-2301



Literature: Here are a few books that I found to be good reading. I have attempted to give credit to the source when the source was known. If I missed any, Please let me know.

Man-Systems Integration Standards

Published by NASA, NASA-STD-3000

ISBN 0-345-31881-1

The Mars One Crew Manual

Published by Ballantine Books, Written by Kerry Joels, 1985,

ISBN 0-345-31881-1

The Space Shuttle Operatorís Manual

Published by Ballantine Books, Written by Kerry Joels,

Gregory Kennedy, and David Larkin, 1982,

ISBN 0-345-30321-0

Living Aloft

Published by NASA # SP-483, Written by Mary Connors, Albert Harrison & Faren Akins

NASA, there are many technical Manuals that will be listed with specific articles.

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Home References History Rockets Craft Planets Orbits Aliens Future Support Time