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Last revised: January 30, 2001

I have learned how to animate graphics! Animation is easier than drawing the graphics and it all takes time. These animations will be added to each page and new updates will be posted every week in January.

You will see a lot of images on these pages, I am organizing them and that takes time. While I convert the data, you may notice that there are some broken images. These will be corrected when I update the pages. There is a lot of information to compile. Details will be added during the year. Keep an eye on this page, and the revision page, for the latest information. I still have some preliminary work to do on all the pages. The basic page structure and the basic idea of each section will be listed on the specific topic page.

News: Pages updated...

Orbit Page: Gravity and ellipse orbits, circular orbits information will be posted when the graphics (animated) are complete. It may be a little primitive at first.

"Future Page" and "Support Page" will have better drawings soon.

I hope to update all the pages (PRELIMINARY DATA) during January.

A note for new visitors...

I have seen some really inspiring articles and pictures that I will share with you on this site. Science fact can be more interesting than science fiction but is certainly not a separate subject. You will notice an enjoyable approach to some interesting subjects. Don't let the cartoons fool you, the information is accurate. I will define the terms that are used and discuss some motivations behind what has occurred. I hope to add Newsletters, Polls, Current Events, Announcements and a lot more fun stuff as the site develops.


I am just learning how to develop a site and it takes a while. If you see my site and like it, have questions, problems, suggestions or whatever, feel free to sign the guest book or send e-mail to me:

As you click through the site, you may encounter problems and find incomplete information. Please be patient and I will complete each section as soon as possible. I am only one person and this is a large hobby. If you have specific web sites or information you believe should be added, send me the specifics and we can proceed from there. This site is not intended to be a list of links or references. If your information is good, verifiable and pertinent, the appropriate additions will be made to the site. I hope that all site visitors will gain an interest in these topics and enjoy their visit.

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