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This is not all science fiction! By Richard Doran

Science fact can be more interesting than science fiction but is certainly not a separate subject. Don't let the cartoons fool you, the information is accurate.

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Description and Information Sub Topic Pages


(This page) - The Main Page, the Index or the Home Page. This page contains the main site map with navigation information. It is intended for site navigation information. You can link to site News, a Topic Index List, send an E-mail, sign the Visitor Book, find current and New Site Revisions The Site Counter is for my information.


General web page references contain information on people, sites (some have helped develop this site), organizations, and reading material. You may be surprised and find some interesting stuff. Specific references are on specific pages.


This page is here for you even if you hate history. Life started on Earth the same as it could start on any other planet. Without the dinosaurs ... well, this is the history of Earth as it pertains to space travel. Religion is mentioned but I do not expect to start controversy. You will find information about exploration, inventions, discoveries and some of the things that motivate people. I hope to give you a new viewpoint on some of the less obvious people, like Leonardo DaVinci. You may want to check the Alien Page after you examine this page. Everything including DNA, Through Wars, SETI, & the Hubble telescope are discussed here. The topics are Life Dinosaurs Religion? People Sea&Air Astronomy Space


Un-Manned propulsion systems that provide motion to a package. This section will discuss the forces that move you from point "A" to point "B". This is a technical section that I will try to keep as basic, and exciting, as possible. The topics are Gravity Thrust Friction Satellite Liquid Solid Nuclear & Misc. Information.


Specifically existing manned spacecraft are discussed here. You will find Information and links for the craft that have been used by humans for space travel. You can explore as deep as you wish. Specific craft are Mercury Gemini SkyLab Apollo Lander Rover Shuttle UN.htm & SpaceLab


General information on all nine (9) local planets, Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune & Pluto, especially Earth, Mars and Venus. This section is very graphic. Please give the page time to load, I expect it will be well worth the wait. This page provides information on the sun, planetary moons, asteroids, & comets


How does a spacecraft reach a distant planet? Discover the intent behind rocket propulsion and trajectories. I hope this will be general enough to be understood and detailed enough to be educational. The topics are Launch Elliptical Orbit Circular Orbit Planet Assist & Navigation


What might we expect of alien life forms and distant planets? I have not seen any aliens from other planets but I have read many articles on the expectations of galactic life forms. This page is intended to give you some new ways to look at the possibility of life.


Science fiction is fantasy by definition but it often becomes a scientific fact. I have designed some possible craft for you to explore. Areas of design interest are Sleep Galley Utility Laboratory Communication Garden Storage & Craft Shell


How do we live in space? This is general information that will branch as deep as you care to go. Lots of NASA information and links are here, references and other sites also. People Atmosphere HVAC Water Food Waste Power Gravity & Biosphere


Time travel and space transportation is discussed here. I am always open to a new idea. Will time travel ever be used? It depends on what type of time travel you are interested in. Again, science fiction is fantasy but can become a fact. I hope to give you a few twists you did not expect. There are a lot of opinions and theories on this subject. Some topics in this discussion are the speed of sound, the Speed of Light, the Philadelphia Experiment and Tele-Transportation

Home References History Rockets Craft Planets Orbits Aliens Future Support Time

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