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Galley and Dining Area

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Sleep Galley Utility Medical Laboratory Communication Garden Storage Shell

Welcome to the galley. Each half of the habitat should have an area specifically for group living space. This single section is a standard sixteen (16) foot outside diameter with six (6) inch thick walls (fifteen (15) foot inside diameter). It is designed to convert to a social area and can be used for other tasks. The center can be used to view movies and conference calls. This is part of a living area that is normally isolated by pressure walls from the remainder of the craft.

This is the site of many fine meals. There is a choice of any reconstituted food you could want and there is a possibility of occasional "home cooked" meals also. Vegetables can be brought from the garden area and some citrus fruits too. There is a microwave, refrigerator, and an electric heating element for rare cooking requirements, hot and cold water. There are storage cabinets for aluminum dishes and cups. A small sink allows washing dishes and recycling water to minimize the trash accumulation for a long assignment.

It has a table and benches that can be stored for a large open area or assembled for a meeting table. This is attached to the sleeping quarters and is used as part of the conference room and assembly room. There is a camera for general broadcasts to the world and a television for new run movies and conference calls. A passage on the right leads to a wash room, passage on the left leads to the utility room. The utility room passes through an air lock to the work area. This is an excellent location for the view ports. A bulletin board can be used to post news, announcements and daily business.

This area will have radiation shielding to protect the habitants from radiation during solar flares. Water is supplied from a storage container in the upper portion, Thermal control (Heat rejection equipment) is located, with the wastewater collection, in the lower portion of this area. This will allow minimizing life support requirements during short-term emergencies. The water circulation system can not be used when the habitat is not rotating.

Technical data: The atmosphere is air standard content though less nitrogen is expected, temperature is 74 F and humidity is 50% typically, Lighting for eating = 30 to 75 (variable) lm/ft2, Lighting for cooking = 100 lm/ft2, Hall/room lighting = 30 lm/ft2, 550 BTU/man-hr. for eating and light work.

See [Data] for the design calculations.


Home References History Rockets Craft Planets Orbits Aliens Future Support Time

Sleep Galley Utility Medical Laboratory Communication Garden Storage Shell