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Alien Life Forms and Planets

The Time Travelers Web Site!

This is not just science fiction. By Richard Doran


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What might we expect of alien life forms and distant planets? Here is an article from Ad-Astra Magazine, June 1991. Click to see the short article. I have not seen any aliens from other planets but I have read many articles on the expectations of galactic life forms.

This page is intended to give you some new ways to look at this possibility.

The chain of life and evolutionary development. Asteroids striking earth,

Birds are different, what could have developed during evolution?

What is physically required for a species to develop the capability of space travel?

Vocal or symbolic communication?

Opposing Digits with Manual dexterity?

Curiosity? Exploration?

Imagination and Intelligence?

Survival Instincts? Or Aggression?

ET, Phone home?

If you crashed or landed on a distant planet, what would you do if you met an alien?

What would you do if an alien were to approach you near your home?


Chemical carbon vs. silicon?


Would an alien be hostile?

They knows where we live, do you know where he lives? How would you get there?

Why would they come here?




This site will be in construction for a long time. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated. Visit the home page to E-mail me or sign the guest book. I wonder if I should limit this to human input?


Home References History Rockets Craft Planets Orbits Aliens Future Support Time